Ryder is going to be a Daddy again:)

Hi Kids,

In early May, you are going to have 7 or more new half brothers and sisters!!! Daddy Ryder was bred to UKC GCH/AKC CH Fiaces First and Foremost, Fiona(LUA) in early March here in Mars Pa. Fiona, who lives in Nevada is a rockstar in the LUA world. Fingers crossed for more LUA dals. To find out more about this breeding go to fiacredals.com

3 thoughts on “Ryder is going to be a Daddy again:)”

  1. That is so exciting! I’m really happy to see that there are getting to be more and more LUA Dals. I think it’s great for the breed. Not only are they LUA, they are also great looking and great dispositioned dogs. Fiona is homozygous?

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