Day 14-16 Eyes are opening

Day 16 is when the puppy stimulation exercised ends but we are only on day two of the sound/food hearing response conditioning. The puppies just love the tiny raw meatballs they get during the “psst” training and today I did the training twice and the puppies couldn’t lick each others face enough after the “psst’ classes.  They become very active while this is going on and quite noisy.  The responses I have seen from them after only 2 days of response conditioning are very promising.
The last couple days were also a paperwork days.  Microchip numbers were assigned to each puppy and the DNA test kits have been ordered! Since the entire litter is LUA, thanks to daddy Maks who carries 2 copies of the gene to prevent stones and Bridgette carries one copy,  keep your fingers crossed for many UU’s.
The puppies eyes have opened !! 😆
DSCN1591 DSCN1589 DSCN1585

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