Guinness (LUA)

GCH Fiacre’s I’ll Have another At Rim Rock CAX

Whelped: 5/4/2013

Sire: MBISS GCHB Rim Rock’s Easy Ryder Bags TT CAA

Dam: CH Fiacre’s First And Foremost RN

On the cover of Edalmatians

First show at 7 months old

Some candids or me and my family!

Here is Guinness on the top of all the crates in the basement.  He is a character and keeps me on my toes.

Dennis the menace

Guinness does everything to get my attention when I am in the office trying to update the blog.  Here he decided to sit on the teddy bear pillow and give me the stink eye, just like his father Ryder does to me when he doesn’t get ALL the attention.Then he moved to the daybed where he saw himself in the window and he keeps barking at himself.  Silly boy. 🙄

Guinness and the other boys from his litter
Hey! I’m in there somewhere!