Countdown to St. Louis has begun. My “Soul Man”

In less than a week  Team Ryder will head west to St. Louis to compete in the DCA National Top 20. Woo Hoo!  The competition is a Big affair and will be Wednesday evening April 16th at 6:15 pm St. Louis time,  So kids….think of your daddy Ryder at that time and send him good vibes.   I am sure we/he will be having a lot of fun but we need your well wishes coming our way.


Meet us in St. Louis!

It is official!

Ryder has qualified to compete in the Dalmatian Club Of America Top 20 event that is held at the National. This year it will be held in St. Louis, MO.  Final rankings have not been published as of yet, but we know he is in the TOP 20….in the country! 

Terry Wissinger, Top 20 Committee Chair
14201 SE Petrovitsky Rd. A3-184
Renton, WA 98058

Jan. 16, 13

Christine Aranowski

It is the Dalmatian Club of America’s Top Twenty Committee’s extreme honor to congratulate you as
the owner of a
2012 Top Twenty Dalmatian.   We would like to extend an invitation to you and your Top Twenty
Dalmatian, GCH CH Rim Rock’s Easy Ryder Bags to the Top Twenty event at the 2013 DCA specialty.
The formal event will be held at 6:15pm on April 17, 2013, at Purina Farms, Gray Summit, Mo. the
evening before the BOB competition.

The purpose of the event is to showcase excellence in Dalmatians. This event is part of the DCA
National Specialty and is intended to educate and entertain judges, exhibitors, breeders and
fanciers.  This event provides special recognition to those Dalmatians with the most outstanding
records in the show ring during the previous calendar year, together with their breeders, handlers,
and owners.

The event offers all who attend a chance to view the very best Dalmatians in the United States
based up on their competitive standings for the previous year. At this exhibition, using a scale of
points, each dog is evaluated according to how closely it conforms to the breed standard.  This
procedure is unique and not done at other AKC shows.  It allows the spectators an opportunity to
evaluate the dogs, scoring them at the same time to see how their individual view compares to the
consensus decision of the judging panel.

A Top Twenty catalog is produced to aid the spectators in knowing more about your Top Twenty dog.
It includes a picture of your Dalmatian, a three generation pedigree, basic information regarding
the dog, the dog’s CHIC number (only the CHIC number will be shown in the catalog but the write up
may specify the hearing, hip and CERF information), the breeder’s and owner’s information, and a
maximum 120 word description of your dog. Also you may show the ROM/ROMX titles.  If you go over
the 120 word limit the catalog committee will have the right to edit your write up to fit the
space. We have included a sample of an ad from last year to go by.  All forms must be returned by
Feb. 15, 2013. See entry form for mailing instructions.

You can request music to be played while your dog is exhibited.  We would like you to select one
song (not a collage of musical songs) and a backup song in case your first choice song has already
been selected by another exhibitor.  It will be on a first come first selected basis.  Please note
the rules for your music on the Top Twenty Entry Form. We will not be able to download the music so
are asking you send a CD with your music selection.

On Tues afternoon, April 16th, about 30 min. after judging is completed, there will be a short
mandatory meeting and draw for all Top Twenty qualifiers.  Location of meeting will be posted at
the show facility. Each dog must have a representative at that meeting. During this meeting an
explanation will be given on how the dogs are to be exhibited and when they will be in the ring.

We look forward to seeing your top winning dog in the Top Twenty event during the DCA 2013
Specialty.  If you have any questions, please contact me as specified below.

Terry Wissinger
Terry Wissinger – DCA Top 20 Chairman
Ph:253-639-0941 cell:253-797-1336

Ryder #1 UKC Dal in 2012

Ryder finished 2012 being the #1 Dalmatian in UKC and Bridgette is tied for #2

01. GRCH Rim Rock’s Easy Ryder Bags Christine L Aranowski 26
02. CH Siobahn Htnua Bridgette Levine Chris Aranowski or Jeffrey Gillspie 8
02. GRCH Diamond C’ya At The Finishline Jeff Bulger and Susan Bulger 8
04. CH Stocklore Stalwart Amy Pence or Robert H Schaible 4
04. GRCH Rim Rock N Siobahn’s Heads Up Carl Myers 4
04. GRCH Woodwynd Mind Body & Spirit Janet Crumpton 4
04. CH Sunnyoaks Oren Of Firesmith Elizabeth Allen Smith and Richard M Smith Jr 4
04. CH Guardian Fleet Admiral Nimitz Cindy Gootee and Cindy Riggans 4
09. CH Tovarich Devil N Disguise Michael Heflin 3
10. CH Stocklore Vilia De Forrest Robert H Schaible or David K Schaible 2
10. CH Woodwynd T Thyme At Hardrock Danielle Levangie and Mary-lynn Jensen 2
10. CH Sweetspot Ht2spt Best Both Worlds Laurie Isaacson 2
10. CH Sweet Tea Ralph Lenoci and Mary Lynn Jensen 2
10. CH Tovarich Lore Master Michael Heflin 2
10. CH Creekside’s Star Ship Vickie Eckard 2
10. CH Dakota Aqua Dot Kaeleb Donna Colt 2