Ryder Bridgette litter – 2 years later

Hi Everyone,

It has been quite sometime since I updated the website.  I do apologize. The Maks-Ryder-Bridgette  kept me busy and this thing called work got in the way 🙂  That being said, below is the start of bringing the website up to date.  I am downloading as many pictures as I receive so you can see what is going on with your litter mates and full and half siblings that were born in 2013. Thanks for being patient.  There will be a lot more to come.

Below are 4 litter mates of the Ryder Bridgette litter born March 18th 2012.


Boating Bella


Ty 03-18-2014


Spot 03-18-2014


Leyla 3-18-14